Monday, January 10, 2011

This is my beloved, this is my friend.....

I have been thinking, lets keep it fun, simple, sweet and just for the two of us! Now, I know that many of you out there in the blogging world have a special someone and probably, but maybe not have started to think about valentines day. What should you do? Where should we go? I wanna make it special? What to do...... Its such a fun day to spend with your honey, but the down side to the day is the long lines, the waiting and sometimes the cold food and the angry hunger that sneaks up on you! It can just really put a damper on a fun time. I was thinking..... I do not want to go to a restaurant where I could potentially see my in-laws or something, don't get me wrong you can never go wrong with Danny and Jude, but not on valentines day! I decided to go look at pier one just to see and I was not impressed, they did not have much.... I know I am a planner and thinking too early... but its how I work. So, I saw that there was a ton of Christmas decorations left and going quick and so I found and purchased this cranberry red wreath, its so adorable! I thought this is great, it was $10 and it makes a great decoration for many holidays! I decided for this Valentines day... It will be a little dinner here at our place for two. I have just started to decorate and I will keep you updated!

Ps... Hang in there with me.... the camera is lost!

Here is a link to the red wreath that I bought! It's just perfect!

In other news, week number two of Church testing worked out pretty well, before we could even sit down we were greeted and it made us feel welcomed. They played three of my favorite worship songs and the pastor was funny... we will see what happens! Prayer, is what we are doing for now.......

Jordan had his first game with his little seventh graders on Thursday and they lost one and won the other. One of his little men, even shed a little tear. So presh and sweet! Here are some pictures of coach Strom in action!

Well.... I start my job tomorrow at Hallmark Cards! Go me! Until next time....

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms

Monday, January 3, 2011

Spilt Communion....

So, here we are a new year 2011. We only get one chance at it, one chance to make it a year to glorify our maker, to set goals and to achieve them and to succeed. This is what the pastor was talking about on Sunday, it really got me thinking in a big picture setting. What do I want to achieve when looking back on 2011. I mean 2010 I got married so, how does one top that? So you see the wheels were turning for me..... the pastor used Proverbs chapter 2 to show us, the body, how we can attain wisdom and how important it is for us. Satan can work in some rather tricky ways, and our minds are a primary target. I started to really dwell on this.

Well after he was done talking we had communion....

Now, we first broke bread and then one by one those tiny little cups were passed around. I always find it so hard to concentrate before we get the cup because, I do not want to have some nudge me in the middle of my prayer and then I am usually a back corner attender so, I then do not have much time to pray and to still my mind...... Well yesterday, I hadn't taken communion in so long that I was really excited and pumped to par-take. My feet were twitching and my hands giddy to hold my own cup. So it was my turn and I got my cup, bowed my head and then a few minutes later I realize there was no juice in my cup..... I forgot to stop twitching so, when it was time to par-take I was frantic so I took a fake sip! Afterwards I was embarrassed and I let out a little snicker and my husband sitting beside quickly realized what i had done, so the two of us sat there during pastors prayer giggling like two school kids. I am beginning to wonder..... what will 2011 bring me!?!??!

In other news, Jordan has begun trying to find a job for next year and we are keeping are anticipation high in hopes of something great to come our way. We know that with God at the fore front all will be well. Jordan has his first actually game with his middle schoolers this Thursday! We are both very excited and I am hoping that something legendary happens! Keep us in your prayers for the future and for our marriage!

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Life is Changing?

Hello to all and to all a good night! Christmas is just hours away and I am so excited, but let me back it up for just a few moments and catch you up on life with the Strom's. We have been so busy that it has been so hard to keep up.

After a long journey and a year and a half process, my time at Grace Baptist Church as the Administrative Assistant is finished. My official last day is December 31, 2010. I am so thankful for the opportunity and God has blessed with so many new friendships, life lessons and much more. I am bitter sweet about the whole process and I am still trying to comprehend it all. I am so excited for life to slow down some and to have hardly no school left. God is good and I will keep praising him for all the blessings. I started applying for a new job and I think that there are some good opportunities and hopeful for the future. I know that God will provide and I cannot wait to see what new adventure I will encounter.

Jordan is a busy bee and just keeps getting busier. He is interning with Sean Condra, as well as coaching seventh grade bball up at Riley county middle school. He is having a blast and enjoying every moment of the process. I am so proud of him and I greatly enjoy seeing his passion and love for the game continue to grow. He is doing great things and I cannot wait to see where God will take us!

We are trying to pack quickly and get some laundry done before we leave for Chicago tomorrow. I have never been so, I am very excited and Jordan is beyond pumped to be in the same city where the bulls play! lol! The basketball never ends with my man and I enjoy every moment of it! We had some friends over last night and it was a blast! Thanks for all that came over and ate my food!

Well.... time to keep packing... may God bless you this holiday season and stay tuned for more life with the Stroms.

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where has the time gone? It is almost November and time is flying by. I am finishing up my last semester of school and honestly, I just want to be done already. I am ready to just have a job, craft, cook yummy food for my amazing husband and blog my life away. I know, I know, that is probably not how life will be, but it sure would be nice.

Jordan has been very busy with his internship, if you know coach Condra then you know he is quite the slave driver. I am so glad that God has given Jordan the opportunity to learn the ups and downs of coaching from such a kind and Godly man. The Lord is so very faithful. I am also impressed with how much time Jordan has been putting into keeping his skills up with bball. He is ready to bring his A game for alumni game! lol! I am so proud of the man he is becoming and it is such an honor to watch him daily grow and strive to live a life that is glorifying to God.

I have had a rough week this week, but today has been an expectational day. My sweet friend Jodie gerling brought me panera and it was awesome. We got to chat and laugh and just see into one an other's heart more. I also had a wonderful meal with a parent from GBC and I was so blessed by her kind words and loving encouragement. I then had a little pick me up with my sweet Bobbin'. She is so dear to me and I value our time so very much. I am looking forward to the evening with Jordan, we are going to have a late dinner together and watch a red box, if time allows us to do so. As you can see, we Strom's do not miss out on much.

I am terribly sorry that I have slacked in the recipe of the week, but this past week we wanted some quesadilla's so, not having a maker I tried it on the stove, it was awesome! They were so tasty and I did not follow a recipe! Thanks to the big man upstairs for blessing me with some basic cooking knowledge!

We are eager to discover what God has in store for us next! Please pray that we would be faithful to his will and that we would grow in his everlasting love.

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms

Monday, October 4, 2010

Baller Status and the Jayhawks (It's real in the streets)

Your requests and wishes have been granted. I am writing on our blog for the first time. Yes, it is me Jordan. Life has been pretty stinking awesome as of late. Becca and I have been working and doing school like crazy lately. She is working at with the GYM at GBC and changing lives left and right. I think she has led like 30 people to Christ and exorcised maybe 20 demons in the past two weeks alone! She is sort of like the female version of Charles Swindol or Andy Stanley. No, but in all seriousness work is going great for her. She has been busy working on planning youth events and helping small group leaders work with their kids. She really loves her job and loves seeing the kids grow in their faith and I think that alone is rewarding enough for her. Becca is also finishing up her degree at MCC and she is very busy with her homework. Working through a course load that includes Bonhoeffer, Rusty Thornley, and visits to crazy churches can be quite taxing, but she is a playing like a champ and pushing through toward the goal.

Speaking of Champions, has anyone been watching my favorite football teams? The KC Chiefs have been playing like, well.... like they are going to make the playoffs! On the other hand, my other favorite team, the Kansas Jayhawks, have been putting me through a roller coaster of emotion. They start the year losing to NDSU and then go on to beat then #15 Ga Tech and then lose the next two of three. All of this has me ready for college hoops season and the arrival of Josh Selby and Royce Woolridge.

Basketball season means one thing. It's cold and I don't want to walk outside unless it absolutely is necessary. One reason that it will be absolutely necessary to go outside is for my internship or DFE. This is part of my degree and I am working with the legendary Shawn Condra for my DFE. He is the AD and Men's Basketball Coach at MCC and he is letting me work with him for the school year. So far it has been a ton of fun and I have been learning a lot from him. Besides working with Shawn Con I have been reffing flag football and Substitute teaching at RiCo. Life has been crazy, but it's so awesome to be able to come home to my wife and share life with her. Things have been awesome and so has my first post! Hopefully I'll be allowed to post more. If you the readers and fans want...

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms

BTW- Today is the MRS and I's 4 month anniversary! follow me on twitter @jordanstrom peace!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Job, my Good and faithful servant

This past week/ two weeks has been so busy. It seems as though life and time are quickly running away. Last week Jordan got injured and it was a little dicey on the home front. We both found it difficult to get on the same page. He was just waiting for the doctor to call to let him know what was wrong and what the next step would be while I was busy, trying to get ahead with my school work as well as work, because I am having my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. I think what is great sometimes, when life is busy is when you get twenty minutes. Today I got to see Jordan a total of twenty minutes and often times that is how much we see one another on a daily basis.It's hard but, such a blessing. Today I was tired and I just want to take a quick nap, but Jordan began with his usually comedic, act and it was just the right burst of energy that I needed. I felt so refreshed and blessed to be able to laugh with him, to realize how fortunate I am to have him in my life. See, you think that once you get married you will get to spent so, much more time with one another, but boy oh boy was I wrong. God is so faithful and knows our hearts deepest desires, and I think on this rainy, gloomy Wednesday he knew I need to have some quality laughter with my husband. It makes me feel so loved, when I have times such as these, because I once again reminded that God is in control. I have never done this but, I would like to write a prayer.......


We are so thankful and blessed to serve such a powerful, kind, generous savior and much, more. We are so captivated by your works and creation and I am utterly speechless some days at the beauty around us, as well as the works that you set before us daily and we are so honored to be apart of. Thank you for the love and Grace and consistency in our lives.

In your son's precious name I pray,


Ps..... May you be blessed by his love this week if you read this!

In Christian Love,

The Newly Strom's

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Taking a Stand

Some of you may know this, while others of you may not know, but I have an older brother who has tourette syndrome. Now for those of you who do not know what this is let me explain a little. He was born with it and he makes noises, sometimes loud and high pitched, but they are not usually the most noticeable thing. The other action that occurs with this is that he shakes, this occurs more often. This movement is almost a... " juke." Now, being his sister I have always know Kyle this way and have always loved him for it just the way he is. The problem sometimes has been that others do not always consider it to be as normal, so they stare and sometimes give him rude looks. Kyle is a rather chill dude, so he is never offended. Well just recently a situation occurred...

He and his sweet girlfriend decided to go see a movie at the Warren Theatre in Wichita. A problem arose when someone decided that he was a distraction and Kyle was soon asked to leave. Now, Kyle is a lover not a fighter, so of course he left and avoided confrontation. Now, I agree that is always the best decision because you never know what people are capable of and it would have been scary if it would have resolved in physical violence, but praise the good Lord all is well. The neat thing about this whole outcome is that the Wichita news interviewed Kyle and let the people of his local community know about this situation. I think it was great and he did a great job. Now, there is a comment wall taking place online about the whole occurrence and what frustrates me is that people are treating him as though he is so disabled that he should not consider to partake in such events within society. I do not agree that Kyle has a disability, I look at as a characteristic to Kyle that makes him that much more unique in his own skin. We all have weird quarks about us and Tourette's is Kyles. the Lord has blessed him to be an example to others, maybe with the situation. I think people need to understand what the word disability really means, not just make a word to fit your personal needs. Overall I am so proud of my brother and greatly admire the patient and strength he had to have over the years with this corky characteristic that just makes him that much more his own person, created divinely by our Lord and Savior.