Monday, January 3, 2011

Spilt Communion....

So, here we are a new year 2011. We only get one chance at it, one chance to make it a year to glorify our maker, to set goals and to achieve them and to succeed. This is what the pastor was talking about on Sunday, it really got me thinking in a big picture setting. What do I want to achieve when looking back on 2011. I mean 2010 I got married so, how does one top that? So you see the wheels were turning for me..... the pastor used Proverbs chapter 2 to show us, the body, how we can attain wisdom and how important it is for us. Satan can work in some rather tricky ways, and our minds are a primary target. I started to really dwell on this.

Well after he was done talking we had communion....

Now, we first broke bread and then one by one those tiny little cups were passed around. I always find it so hard to concentrate before we get the cup because, I do not want to have some nudge me in the middle of my prayer and then I am usually a back corner attender so, I then do not have much time to pray and to still my mind...... Well yesterday, I hadn't taken communion in so long that I was really excited and pumped to par-take. My feet were twitching and my hands giddy to hold my own cup. So it was my turn and I got my cup, bowed my head and then a few minutes later I realize there was no juice in my cup..... I forgot to stop twitching so, when it was time to par-take I was frantic so I took a fake sip! Afterwards I was embarrassed and I let out a little snicker and my husband sitting beside quickly realized what i had done, so the two of us sat there during pastors prayer giggling like two school kids. I am beginning to wonder..... what will 2011 bring me!?!??!

In other news, Jordan has begun trying to find a job for next year and we are keeping are anticipation high in hopes of something great to come our way. We know that with God at the fore front all will be well. Jordan has his first actually game with his middle schoolers this Thursday! We are both very excited and I am hoping that something legendary happens! Keep us in your prayers for the future and for our marriage!

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms

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