Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Life is Changing?

Hello to all and to all a good night! Christmas is just hours away and I am so excited, but let me back it up for just a few moments and catch you up on life with the Strom's. We have been so busy that it has been so hard to keep up.

After a long journey and a year and a half process, my time at Grace Baptist Church as the Administrative Assistant is finished. My official last day is December 31, 2010. I am so thankful for the opportunity and God has blessed with so many new friendships, life lessons and much more. I am bitter sweet about the whole process and I am still trying to comprehend it all. I am so excited for life to slow down some and to have hardly no school left. God is good and I will keep praising him for all the blessings. I started applying for a new job and I think that there are some good opportunities and hopeful for the future. I know that God will provide and I cannot wait to see what new adventure I will encounter.

Jordan is a busy bee and just keeps getting busier. He is interning with Sean Condra, as well as coaching seventh grade bball up at Riley county middle school. He is having a blast and enjoying every moment of the process. I am so proud of him and I greatly enjoy seeing his passion and love for the game continue to grow. He is doing great things and I cannot wait to see where God will take us!

We are trying to pack quickly and get some laundry done before we leave for Chicago tomorrow. I have never been so, I am very excited and Jordan is beyond pumped to be in the same city where the bulls play! lol! The basketball never ends with my man and I enjoy every moment of it! We had some friends over last night and it was a blast! Thanks for all that came over and ate my food!

Well.... time to keep packing... may God bless you this holiday season and stay tuned for more life with the Stroms.

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms.