Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Job, my Good and faithful servant

This past week/ two weeks has been so busy. It seems as though life and time are quickly running away. Last week Jordan got injured and it was a little dicey on the home front. We both found it difficult to get on the same page. He was just waiting for the doctor to call to let him know what was wrong and what the next step would be while I was busy, trying to get ahead with my school work as well as work, because I am having my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. I think what is great sometimes, when life is busy is when you get twenty minutes. Today I got to see Jordan a total of twenty minutes and often times that is how much we see one another on a daily basis.It's hard but, such a blessing. Today I was tired and I just want to take a quick nap, but Jordan began with his usually comedic, act and it was just the right burst of energy that I needed. I felt so refreshed and blessed to be able to laugh with him, to realize how fortunate I am to have him in my life. See, you think that once you get married you will get to spent so, much more time with one another, but boy oh boy was I wrong. God is so faithful and knows our hearts deepest desires, and I think on this rainy, gloomy Wednesday he knew I need to have some quality laughter with my husband. It makes me feel so loved, when I have times such as these, because I once again reminded that God is in control. I have never done this but, I would like to write a prayer.......


We are so thankful and blessed to serve such a powerful, kind, generous savior and much, more. We are so captivated by your works and creation and I am utterly speechless some days at the beauty around us, as well as the works that you set before us daily and we are so honored to be apart of. Thank you for the love and Grace and consistency in our lives.

In your son's precious name I pray,


Ps..... May you be blessed by his love this week if you read this!

In Christian Love,

The Newly Strom's