Sunday, August 22, 2010

Taking a Stand

Some of you may know this, while others of you may not know, but I have an older brother who has tourette syndrome. Now for those of you who do not know what this is let me explain a little. He was born with it and he makes noises, sometimes loud and high pitched, but they are not usually the most noticeable thing. The other action that occurs with this is that he shakes, this occurs more often. This movement is almost a... " juke." Now, being his sister I have always know Kyle this way and have always loved him for it just the way he is. The problem sometimes has been that others do not always consider it to be as normal, so they stare and sometimes give him rude looks. Kyle is a rather chill dude, so he is never offended. Well just recently a situation occurred...

He and his sweet girlfriend decided to go see a movie at the Warren Theatre in Wichita. A problem arose when someone decided that he was a distraction and Kyle was soon asked to leave. Now, Kyle is a lover not a fighter, so of course he left and avoided confrontation. Now, I agree that is always the best decision because you never know what people are capable of and it would have been scary if it would have resolved in physical violence, but praise the good Lord all is well. The neat thing about this whole outcome is that the Wichita news interviewed Kyle and let the people of his local community know about this situation. I think it was great and he did a great job. Now, there is a comment wall taking place online about the whole occurrence and what frustrates me is that people are treating him as though he is so disabled that he should not consider to partake in such events within society. I do not agree that Kyle has a disability, I look at as a characteristic to Kyle that makes him that much more unique in his own skin. We all have weird quarks about us and Tourette's is Kyles. the Lord has blessed him to be an example to others, maybe with the situation. I think people need to understand what the word disability really means, not just make a word to fit your personal needs. Overall I am so proud of my brother and greatly admire the patient and strength he had to have over the years with this corky characteristic that just makes him that much more his own person, created divinely by our Lord and Savior.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Where, Oh where does the time go?

Life has been so crazy. For those of you who read this blog regularly I am so sorry that I have failed in my writing. This past month for the Strom's has been insanely busy! At work I had been preparing diligently for CIY! Which I must say was GREAT! We took ten girls and it was a blast. Now, it is always interesting when you expect something to turn out one way, and then whelp, news flash the Lord is in control. I am so glad he is in control! Looking back over the week at Camp I would say it was a great week of growth and change amongst some of the great students of our youth! It was rather difficult to catch up on my sleep upon my return, because the Braun's become one!

As soon as I return home from camp I was on the road again to attend Connor and Jac's wedding. It was so beautiful. The simplicity of the whole process was nice and it was so fun to arrange flowers. I also got to spend some good time with my gal pal Alina. She is so wise and so smart! I just love her! I was also very excited to see my friend Jamie. It was a relaxing time, full of great memories and lots of laughter. As you can read life has been extremely busy and I have not had much time with my dear husband.

Jordan worked for Cool enterprises for the summer, it's a lawn mowing/ landscaping business. In this hot, humid, sticky Kansas weather it's not the greatest job to have in the summer time. I am so proud of him though, last week was his final full week. I know he hated everyday, but I am so proud of him for sticking it out. We are now preparing for the week ahead of us, as we start our final year of school and working hard to figure out where God will take us next. I am so excited to see where and how we will be used!