Monday, January 10, 2011

This is my beloved, this is my friend.....

I have been thinking, lets keep it fun, simple, sweet and just for the two of us! Now, I know that many of you out there in the blogging world have a special someone and probably, but maybe not have started to think about valentines day. What should you do? Where should we go? I wanna make it special? What to do...... Its such a fun day to spend with your honey, but the down side to the day is the long lines, the waiting and sometimes the cold food and the angry hunger that sneaks up on you! It can just really put a damper on a fun time. I was thinking..... I do not want to go to a restaurant where I could potentially see my in-laws or something, don't get me wrong you can never go wrong with Danny and Jude, but not on valentines day! I decided to go look at pier one just to see and I was not impressed, they did not have much.... I know I am a planner and thinking too early... but its how I work. So, I saw that there was a ton of Christmas decorations left and going quick and so I found and purchased this cranberry red wreath, its so adorable! I thought this is great, it was $10 and it makes a great decoration for many holidays! I decided for this Valentines day... It will be a little dinner here at our place for two. I have just started to decorate and I will keep you updated!

Ps... Hang in there with me.... the camera is lost!

Here is a link to the red wreath that I bought! It's just perfect!

In other news, week number two of Church testing worked out pretty well, before we could even sit down we were greeted and it made us feel welcomed. They played three of my favorite worship songs and the pastor was funny... we will see what happens! Prayer, is what we are doing for now.......

Jordan had his first game with his little seventh graders on Thursday and they lost one and won the other. One of his little men, even shed a little tear. So presh and sweet! Here are some pictures of coach Strom in action!

Well.... I start my job tomorrow at Hallmark Cards! Go me! Until next time....

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms

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