Monday, October 4, 2010

Baller Status and the Jayhawks (It's real in the streets)

Your requests and wishes have been granted. I am writing on our blog for the first time. Yes, it is me Jordan. Life has been pretty stinking awesome as of late. Becca and I have been working and doing school like crazy lately. She is working at with the GYM at GBC and changing lives left and right. I think she has led like 30 people to Christ and exorcised maybe 20 demons in the past two weeks alone! She is sort of like the female version of Charles Swindol or Andy Stanley. No, but in all seriousness work is going great for her. She has been busy working on planning youth events and helping small group leaders work with their kids. She really loves her job and loves seeing the kids grow in their faith and I think that alone is rewarding enough for her. Becca is also finishing up her degree at MCC and she is very busy with her homework. Working through a course load that includes Bonhoeffer, Rusty Thornley, and visits to crazy churches can be quite taxing, but she is a playing like a champ and pushing through toward the goal.

Speaking of Champions, has anyone been watching my favorite football teams? The KC Chiefs have been playing like, well.... like they are going to make the playoffs! On the other hand, my other favorite team, the Kansas Jayhawks, have been putting me through a roller coaster of emotion. They start the year losing to NDSU and then go on to beat then #15 Ga Tech and then lose the next two of three. All of this has me ready for college hoops season and the arrival of Josh Selby and Royce Woolridge.

Basketball season means one thing. It's cold and I don't want to walk outside unless it absolutely is necessary. One reason that it will be absolutely necessary to go outside is for my internship or DFE. This is part of my degree and I am working with the legendary Shawn Condra for my DFE. He is the AD and Men's Basketball Coach at MCC and he is letting me work with him for the school year. So far it has been a ton of fun and I have been learning a lot from him. Besides working with Shawn Con I have been reffing flag football and Substitute teaching at RiCo. Life has been crazy, but it's so awesome to be able to come home to my wife and share life with her. Things have been awesome and so has my first post! Hopefully I'll be allowed to post more. If you the readers and fans want...

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms

BTW- Today is the MRS and I's 4 month anniversary! follow me on twitter @jordanstrom peace!

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