Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Forever Faithful

You know it never ceases to amaze me how truly wonderful God is. Lately, I have been having the strangest dreams, but the weirdest of them all happened last night. I had this crazy dream that I was hanging out with my dear friend Robyn and we had been with her family all day and it was awesome. At the end of the day out of the blue she says to me, my aunt Ruth and uncle Chuck and I are very concerned about you and how you are living your life. Now, first off she does not have an uncle Chuck or Ruth, that I know of, so this dream is that much more humorous. Robyn then proceeded to say, "we all do not feel that you are giving your life fully to the Lord and we do not think you are a Christian". Now, obviously this dream has some major flaws in it but, it did make me think. Do people see something different in me? I just recently have been reading through the different miracles that Jesus performs. The first of these that I read comes from Matthew 8:2-4. Now, I am sure that all of us here have heard this story about the man with leprosy, but something really struck me in the passage. When the man with leprosy asks Jesus to make him clean, by this he is saying he wants to be healed. Jesus response with these words.... " I am willing." When I first read this I got a little teary- eyed because of the immense amount of grace that I could feel coming from those three words. How often do we all mess up? I know I do everyday, in my words, actions, thoughts and much more, but if we are willing to meet Jesus at the cross he is there, " willing" and ready to heal. Now, this is not rocket science I know, we all have heard this, but sometimes I think we all need a good swift kick in the rear. In my own life I think God was saying, I am enough and I am willing, are you willing Becca? I think this is something I needed to hear. I go to Christian College, I work at a church and all my friends I surround myself with, whelp shocker here, they are also all Christians. Sometimes the going gets tough, but when we dig deep we learn the good and bad and it makes us wiser, stronger and better equip for the Lord's Kingdom, Amen! I pray that for anyone who reads, that you will think through this a little bit and maybe God is trying to say the same to you or not, but whatever it may be, pray. Pray that God will continue to work in your life and that you may grow, when times are rough or when the times are blessed. Seek him out and he will not mislead you. This is the choice that we all have, now it's your turn to decide because he had already said it. Are you willing?

Ps.... I found this picture of Jordan on his computer that he had taken and it really made me giggle... So I thought I would be so kind and share with all of you!

In Christian Love,

The Newly Stroms

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  1. it says a lot that you already know that God is ultimately the one you need to be relying on in your marriage. keep that attitude and it'll get you guys a long way, for sure. =)